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Creating accurate accounting best practice or backup tape management

by on August 1, 2014

There's been a lot of controversy about how well firms are able to recall information from their archives or track records in backup solutions. Tape tracking software helps ensure the right level of continuity and compliance as new backups and archives are formed. This reduces the risk of a tape failure, promotes transparency and ensures that legal issues aren't compounded by improper storage setups.

Creating a catalog
Storing things in the right order and within infrastructure that makes sense ensures ease of access and superior long-term cultivation of enterprise records. BankTech stated that, while magnetic tape is one of the best ways to promote accuracy and longevity, there are some critical steps that need to be taken in order to help it withstand the test of time.

As the source noted, one of the most critical elements of the process requires that businesses think years ahead of what they're doing right now with deployments. It's not just a matter of tomorrow or the day after – it's as much as 30 years in the future, BankTech stressed. Backup tapes are designed to last that long, but they do require maintenance and oversight to ensure nothing damages or moves them.

Of critical importance is that tapes are properly labeled and tracked. If a catalog includes incorrect information, there's no way that a tape tracking solution can adequately keep track of these resources. Everything from acquisition through deletion is important to the lifecycle of enterprise information, and failing to properly execute asset disposition can be just as damaging as incorrect initial storage processing.

Getting it right
Legacy systems like magnetic tape offers the consistency of corporate experience, storage and IT landscapes that help retain the overall function of a corporation. NetworkWorld stated that tapes can help ensure access to information over a long period of time, delivering on these kinds of demands, as well as offering acceptable levels of compliance and audit responsiveness. Cataloging these kinds of assets properly from the moment they're placed in backup and archive hardware promotes continuity that can help corporations overcome every manner of legal and professional problem.

B&L's Vertices is a critical factor in providing ease of catalog use and required responses. This software makes it easy to rapidly and accurately retrieve essential data through tape tracking solutions. What's more, the catalogs this software uses are free of the imperfections hinted at by BankTech, as the automated system removes human error and ensures every tape is in its place.

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