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Get better backup tape archive management for superior continuity

by on July 28, 2014

Having a strong archive of tape tools isn't just a good idea – it can often save entire organizations. The ability to restore operations may be best for backups, but archives hold information for years at a time, ensuring adequate compliance and audit responses, protecting companies from undue allegations and providing a strong infrastructure of accountability.

Such assets are ideal in the modern enterprise landscape, as everyone from major government agencies to private small businesses faces greater external attack threats and internal misuse cases. While some organizations may worry about how long it takes their systems to complete archive tape management, system scans and proper disposal requirements, they should be more concerned about what might happen if they can't perform these actions.

Knowing its worth
One of the biggest and most troublesome things companies need to worry about with their archive data management is how costly it's going to be to make up for missing files and system restore points. As Processor Online stated, many firms haven't taken these ideas into consideration. The end result is a wide array of corporations are lacking strategic plans and value-focused information oversight.

"If I were to go in and start an enterprise data center, the first thing I want to understand is the value of the data," said Mike Karp of Ptak Associates. "You have finite IT resources and want to make sure the first one isn't getting the same resources as the second."

What's more, Karp added, archives focus not just on what something is worth now, but how it can appreciate in the future. This calculation is based on the reliability of enterprise tape solutions, the speed of corporate networks and the overall content of the documents being saved.

Managing the influx
Where many companies get confused about the worth of information is in the sheer size of the assets they have available these days for backup and archive integration. Network Computing stated that big data is making an important impact every day on how many files firms have to deal with, but not all of these resources are essential or worth saving.

An overloaded data center can be just as damaging to archive accuracy as one without all the proper files. Seeing through the excess causes latency in audit procedures and difficulties with aging out records in an accurate and timely fashion.

In order to promote accurate archives, B&L's Archived Data Manager provides central control of these kinds of tape assets, safely expiring information while providing rapid data extraction. This ensures fluid and agile compliance as well as accurate data centers that promote best practices for enterprise longevity.

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