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How to improve backup tape storage and quality in five steps

by on July 7, 2014

Using backup tape management for overseeing regular information and providing a safety net in case of a disaster or compliance event require that companies are remaining dedicated to these kinds of technology. It's one thing to establish a backup, but if there's no consistency or upkeep on these solutions, they won't be any good when the time comes to retrieve resources.

Current affairs
The situation is, as a recent Kroll Ontrack study showed, that about two-thirds of companies don't check whether their hardware is working. They simple run the occasional backup, manage their digital infrastructure and hope that their devices are functioning as expected. These kinds of ideas just won't work when it comes to maintaining compliance and system security.

Tech Page One, a Dell publication, wrote that validating operations is an important part of IT maintenance. Still, not all firms bother to look at how their backup tape management software is functioning or what their hardware is currently doing. If a tape is defective, a process isn't functioning timely or security is an issue, there needs to be some kind of action before disaster strikes.

Improper operations
As Page One added, there are also issues wherein corporations continue to use solutions they've find online or aren't fit for use with backup tape management, yet they've found certain deals or think that new cloud functions are the way to go. Data corruption can therefore easily become an issue without personnel even noticing, as there may be no indication that a system isn't functioning until staff members try to make use of these assets.

As Enterprise Storage Forum reported, there are a few things that organizations can do to avoid these kinds of backup tape management problems. Five of the best steps include:

  • Reduce database size – cuts backup time and makes it easy to review backup tape solutions for accuracy
  • Integrate solutions – providing an integrated security, management and oversight network reduces risk and potential loss
  • Create better cataloging – positive inventory options make accountability easy to enforce
  • Implement granular services – focus on object-level storage to refine overall tape accuracy
  • Improve backup tape software – B&L's Vertices improves the consistency and recall time on tapes to ensure they're functioning properly

Making use of optimal backup tape strategies and implementing Vertices makes it easy to continuously check the status of devices while also making certain that storage resources are functioning properly. This in turn increases the ease of audit responses and provides better disaster response for all operations.

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  1. “Two-thirds of companies don’t check whether their hardware is working.” This number is unsettling. Running the “occasional” back up and “hoping the device is functioning” is no way to run a business. As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Taking the time to make sure backup hardware and software will actually work in the event of a disaster prevents the significant revenue and productivity loss that’s sure to occur if a company’s disaster recovery plan fails.

    • Jennifer Noce permalink

      Thanks for the comment, Lauren! “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is right. Too many companies are chugging along and do not make changes to improve their processes until something bad happens. Then they are spending more time and money cleaning up the mess instead of preventing the problem in the first place.

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