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Archive data management an increasingly difficult necessity

by on July 3, 2014

There's more to business management than just thinking about the present. The value of the past and the future can be equally important as current operations, thereby making it easier on organizations to respond to a whole range of threats, risks, errors and compliance demands.

The presence of archive data management in the tape landscape helps increase the depth of storage and the value of magnetic device control. This kind of technology improves application and hardware resolution, as these types of information oversight encourage more enduring data oversight.

Device deployment
Forbes stated that there's a variety of tools that corporations can use for archive management and backup tape storage. It's important to understand the benefits of all these types of technology so as to make a great decision as to what kinds of devices are likely to best benefit their operations.

Some of the best options include:

  • Magnetic tape – Offers extreme depth in a small case and keeps costs low, reducing storage requirements and producing more capacity for the money.
  • Hard disk – Allows for ease of hybridization, working closely with flash and tape storage to increase flexibility. These devices wear out most easily, so they may not be most ideal for archive implementation.
  • Flash memory – This solution is compatible with disk and cold storage. It's very expensive compared to other types of archived data management, however.

Meeting new needs
The world's big data demands are climbing as companies are running up against more pressing storage concerns. Archive data management requires increased information oversight, especially when it comes to the presence of tape and hardware availability.

Even in the presence of extreme threats and disasters, sufficient archive control can provide the difference between losing the past and being ill-prepared for the future. Newsweek pointed to a major attack on the Crimean Center for Investigative Journalism, wherein much of the day-to-day hardware was destroyed. Roughly 80 percent of the group's research and insight materials were lost, a situation that could have been avoided had proper tape management been active in the enterprise environment.

Using a tool like Archived Data Manager can help meet these requirements. It provides centralized control and cuts operational costs by consolidating resources and increasing operational efficiency. With rapid information extraction and agentless collection technology, ADM ensures accurate and effective long-term information capture.

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