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Virtualization enhances backup tape management

by on June 23, 2014

The skew of current enterprise backup tape management tools is seeing increasing hybridization and digital integration. Many of these operations are being undertaken with the idea that companies can increase their effectiveness, financial situations and compliance through such operations. As long as such exercises are carried out appropriately, these kinds of outcomes are also often easy to achieve.

Negotiating networking
As Network Computing pointed out, it takes more than just having a good idea to make these aspirations into realities. When converting backup tape solutions into more compatible operations that mingle more easily with virtualized, cloud and other hybrid options, it's important that professionals are aware what specific protocols must be maintained in the tape environment and which ones can be added to new virtualized and digital resources.

What's more, a randomized approach to backup tape management will only work if there's also some consistency to the system. The source noted that changed block tracking is becoming increasingly prevalent in the enterprise landscape, but for backup tape and disaster recovery, this could lead to significant problems if a crisis hits at a time when sporadic backups haven't been carried out in a while.

Increasing proficiency in the backup tape landscape helps bridge the gaps that often occur between hardware and virtualized software. Creating changes to data structure and storage operations needs to be handled in this way so that there are no loose ends or potential flaws in these systems, or else even a simple instance of downtime could cause critical complications for corporations.

Creating solutions
In order to avoid the potential problems of hybridization and still profit from virtualization integration, companies should be careful to come up with stronger server options. As Computer Weekly noted, this allows for superior security opportunities that can sometimes offset the risk of randomized and reduced backup tape updates. Such a system also helps increase application support and increase tape management and oversight opportunities.

These upgrades are engineered by providing more bridging tools between new virtualized storage solutions and the traditional hardware assets in backup and archive tape warehouses that support these operations. B&L's Vertices help provide the kind of enterprise oversight and backup tape management that's necessary in such an environment. This software promotes awareness of risk management and asset awareness, limiting virtualization problems and promoting more rapid responses if any errors should occur.

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