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Improving operations through enhanced backup tape management

by on June 2, 2014

The presence of backup tape has long been relegated to the realm of long-term archive and information oversight, making it more of a legacy solution in many corporate environments. However, the power of backup tape management solutions truly lies in the ability to integrate daily operations into enterprise disaster recovery and failsafe measures. This allows for even greater flexibility and implementation of services than what corporations have previously been able to experience.

Improved operations
The presence of growing backup tape management importance is proving to be a significant trend, as PC Perspective stated. The source highlighted that current tape tools pack far more information onto a single cassette than ever before, with faster recall times and better accuracy than what was experienced at the dawn of tape many decades ago. This juxtaposition of technology over time shows that the hardware is accelerating while businesses may still be operating on old ideas and pretexts regarding these tools.

The source indicated that Sony has manufactured a solution that assists with some of the densest tape storage to date. The new 148 Gb per square inch cartridge provides rapid retrieval on Ultrium high-end hardware, providing rapidity in storage and retrieval. This assists with turning tape tracking options into everyday resources as opposed to relegating them to archive and recovery capabilities. With such fast and accurate storage hardware, coupled with the right tape software, it's possible to make magnetic tape tools into viable real-time and long-term storage options.

Enhancing operations
Information Age added that there are plenty of ways to implement backup tape management, but not all of them promote the best implementation of disaster recovery, continuity and compliance opportunities. Backing up information remains a critical aspect of enterprise utility, making it necessary to consider this element no matter what kind of storage array a corporation chooses. The issue with these storage options lies only in how easy or complicated a company wants to make its backup and recovery procedures.

A comprehensive backup tape management profile requires a physical repository, the source noted. While many organizations want to implement digital storage and infrastructure, enterprise databases are too cumbersome and sprawling for cloud solutions to handle. The best option, therefore, is a hardware presence coupled with hybrid integration for best usage opportunities. Virtualization is helping this trend, the source noted, but still requires a strong backbone in backup tape management tools to ensure fluid operations and adequate oversight of enterprise storage.

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