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Tape tracking and storage helps bolster disaster recovery

by on April 14, 2014

Companies have a long way to go in ensuring that all of their information assets are effectively protected. Using cloud computing resources has become a popular trend in the enterprise landscape, but these tools aren't efficient at caring for data management in disaster scenarios when there are issues related to connectivity.

Such circumstances are increasingly common thanks to the range of natural and data-driven disasters. This makes it necessary for firms to diversify their information oversight and generate hybrid, tape tracking and oversight measures. It's important that corporations think about these kinds of protection before major crises can occur, thereby stopping problems from devastating corporations.

As Business 2 Community stated, there are certain difficulties associated with cloud computing backups on their own. Integrating tape services for backup management and oversight helps provide a greater depth of security and agile recovery than using one type of protection alone.  Such precautions are particularly pressing in scenarios where heightened safety and superior management is paramount. These industries include:

  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Financial services
  • eCommerce
  • Mobile services
  • Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sciences and research
  • Schools

The source indicated that companies are increasingly interested in Storage as a Service options, but these cloud-based tools don't offer the kind of on-site security and management capability of data management in a cloud environment. While some digital storage assets may be cheaper to implement, the cost of maintenance and recovery makes them cumbersome and expensive. The solution is to mix the kind of assets organizations use so that disaster recovery can be prioritized in situations where some outlets may be offline.

Overcoming management issues
Demand of enhanced disaster recovery services is on the rise, Business 2 Community stated. The source highlighted a study from IDC that forecast the value of enterprise data management is likely to cause $44 billion in enterprise damages, slow-downs and productivity problems. Creating more efficient backups and providing a mixed landscape where testing and recovery are easier to implement, creating a secure corporate environment is much simpler.

Using B&L's data management solutions helps companies generate a single point of reference for overseeing information control and performing tape tracking. This helps expedite disaster recovery and generates more accountability in the corporate file landscape by increasing backup window speeds and catalog backups by as much as 90 percent. Creating a centralized management option expedites the management and recovery phases of data management and system control.

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