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Keeping backup tape management up to date crucial for recovery

by on March 31, 2014

Creating a safe and secure information environment is critical in modern enterprise operations. These kinds of protections ensure that businesses are able to keep running fluidly even following an outage, breach or other disaster event that might otherwise hinder corporate continuity. With backup tape data management in place, it's easy to have faith in tape systems, but there can be issues with these tools if companies aren't using them properly.

Staying on top of things
Kroll OnTrack recently released a study regarding the problems associated with the quality of backup and recovery solutions in the business environments. As Help Net Security reported, while organizations may regularly deploy and maintain backup options, these tools aren't always up to the task of supporting recovery and disaster management.

In instances where successful data breaches took place last year, Kroll OnTrack showed that 35 percent of those businesses had no backup tape management in place. The remaining 65 percent had some form of disaster recovery contingency in this capacity, but the businesses and personnel responsible for maintaining them had dropped the ball – while the tools and resources were in place, the archives and data management assets weren't being properly policed.

This shows that simply having a backup solution isn't enough to ensure that business assets are being protected. As Kroll OnTrack's recovery specialist stated, owning such a solution is the first step in establishing safety measures for a corporation, but that alone isn't enough to ensure that firms are going to be able to execute continuity plans without serious effort.

On the positive side, Kroll did note that more businesses are acquiring backup tape and disaster recovery solutions as compared to years prior. With prices for these assets decreasing and companies becoming more aware of the issues associated with poor disaster planning increase, more organizations are doing their best to invest in these critical pieces of infrastructure.

Managing more
InformationWeek added that data management and disaster recovery in the tape landscape is becoming one of the preferred methods of file oversight as the amount of information organizations have to manage continues to increase. The source pointed out that the cost to acquire and maintain tape assets is lower than the comparable expenses associated with other deployments, such as cloud, hybrid and hosted outlets.

Vertices from B&L can help organizations improve their disaster preparedness and data management as well. This software allows for easy tracking, better auditing and tiered security, so firms can always rest assured their assets are protected and up to date.

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