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Protect enterprise assets with backup tape and data management

by on March 7, 2014

When it comes to safeguarding corporate assets, companies should be aware that there are an increasing volume and variety of threats with which they must compete. That means stepping up data management needs to be a priority. It also indicates that organizations should be doing more to diversify their backup tape tools and generate more layers of disaster recovery in case the worst should happen. While these may seem like cumbersome tasks, the penalty for failing to properly safeguard enterprise assets could be even more damaging.

Understanding the risks
In today's modern data management landscape, the amount of diversity organizations are experiencing is a key factor in why enterprise systems are seeing so much trouble in effectively managing their files. Expanding endpoint outlets, enhanced big data throughput and diversified work environments means that networks are growing in size and potential problems.

HPCWire pointed to the University of Colorado Boulder's recent attempts to bring all of its assets under control. This endeavor resulted in a sprawling data management infrastructure of tapes, disaster assets, cloud implementation and tiered customer service options. Such a vast amount of computing space for handling one firm shows how difficult controlling corporate resources is becoming.

Remedying the problems
CIO Online noted that it's wise to come up with functional resources and check these systems before a disaster strikes. It's increasingly common for companies working with big data not to have a grasp of what information needs to be backed up or how best to go about doing so, making tape tracking and data management increasingly crucial to the recovery process.

The source urged IT professionals and business leaders to work toward a functional model of system oversight that allows for regular checkups for backup health. This will help encourage ongoing involvement and interest in data management as well as ensure that businesses can easily and readily restore their operations in the event of a disaster.

Using B&L's Vertices software can help companies further manage data and generate superior tape tracking that can be an invaluable resource in the event of a disaster. This technology assists organizations with generating easier monitoring of tapes and expedites retrieval in the event of a catastrophe. What's more, Vertices offers a heightened level of security and oversight that allows disaster recovery to be as effective as possible, even in worst-case scenarios.

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