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Big data management increasingly concerning for archive tape oversight

by on March 1, 2014

The biggest issue that many companies currently face regarding their archive data management is the sheer volume of information they're expected to handle. The influx of Big Data is continuing to expand in much the way experts have forecast for the last few years, but even in light of these reports, not every organization was as proactive as it could have been regarding upgrading backup tape tracking and archive data management to fit the needs of these increasingly massive file systems.

Seeking better opportunities
TechTarget's Ellen O'Brien wrote that there have been considerable changes regarding how organizations handle their big data demands, though not all archive data management is currently running at optimal levels. She pointed to object storage solutions that have helped companies overcome much of what they used to encounter in terms of making meaningful use of their information networks, generating more intuitive and user-friendly infrastructures that allow for superior big data handling.

These resources have helped propel many firms into the midst of big data oversight without necessarily giving all of them the analytics and business intelligence outlets they need to actually protect and make meaningful use of these resources. What's more, with an insufficient handling of big data, especially in the archive environment, it's possible that these entities will encounter significant issues with how they handle their asset disposition and eDiscovery requirements.

Generating new options
On the positive end of the spectrum, these new deployments and enhanced attention to big data in the backup tape and archive data management environments has helped a lot of companies get in touch with what's expected of them in the modern information-handling age. Businesses have become more aware of the kinds of benchmarks they have to hit, the varieties of hardware and software that are most conducive to positive operations and the best in terms of how well their infrastructures integrate with current security and oversight protocols.

Using B&L's Archived Data Manager could help put people currently implementing object based storage solutions integrate these options into a more intuitive, secure archive environment. This software assists companies with creating centralized control of even the most cumbersome big data archive landscapes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs across a number of vertices. These resources also help safely expire enterprise data, regulate archive repositories and ensure that companies are giving big data the time and consideration it demands in order to be more than just a corporate liability.

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