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Backup tape management is still an industry contender

by on December 27, 2013

Over the last decade, the rise of cloud options for data control has continued to make waves in the corporate landscape. At the same time, organizations have recognized that they need a safer way of managing their assets than simply throwing them into digital architecture and hoping for the best. In order to generate maximum recovery, eDiscovery and compliance guidelines, it's essential for firms to maintain resilient file resources like backup tape management.

What's more, the need for better cost effectiveness could lie in the technology that many organizations abandoned in favor of what they saw as faster, lighter database options. Backup tape management is now pulling ahead in exceptional ways in terms of return on investment, as on-site, system-removed infrastructure is much easier to control thanks to the ability of targeted software solutions that enhance continuity and protection efforts. On top of that, the initial costs associated with acquisition and upkeep continue to shrink.

A rising market
According to The Register, the most recent review of LTO hardware showed that backup tape management could be in larger demand soon if the trends toward greater adoption continue to grow. The source found the Santa Clara Consulting Group's quarterly review showed much higher acquisition rates for tape hardware in Q3 2013 than the rest of the year, making it likely that organizations will continue this increasing adoption pattern for an indefinite period.

The data showed that companies had boosted their purchasing of such hardware to more than $140 million, with demand continuing to show positive indicators toward growing deployment. DDS, DAT, DLS and other kinds of backup tape media also showed positive expansion and acquisition indicators for the period. CIOL Online added that it's likely that this trend will continue through 2014, with more organizations seeking ways of protecting their assets while they press forward with digital deployments. This could necessitate retention of more backup tape tracking to facilitate broader cloud storage approaches, the source stated.

Investing in B&L's Vertices may provide the additional oversight and security that companies crave in order to feel totally confident in their infrastructure implementations. This software allows for automated inventory tracking, reducing the likelihood of human error and facilitating superior administrative actions that help further cut maintenance costs. Acquiring deeper storage options that are safer and offer more return on investment is ideal for any organization.

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