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Better to be safe than sorry when picking backup tape infrastructure options

by on December 13, 2013

Want to be sure that your company is always safe from any kind of threat that might come its way? Brace yourselves – big data is coming. So are breaches and hackers, malware and Trojans, advanced persistent threats and zero-hour attacks. When it's not people outside the organization trying to mess with backup tape management, there's always acts of God like major storms, floods, blizzards earthquakes and tornadoes to contend with. And if that's not bad enough, all that data inundation could easily trigger internal loss, theft, server outages or unintentional bloat from trying to save too much and not filtering files properly.

In short, there's a lot of problems for modern infrastructure to contend with. Your IT personnel likely are kept up at night thinking about how they can possibly implement the right level of system security to not only accommodate security woes but to also facilitate collaboration and ongoing demands for scalable solutions. Providing a reliable system that's offline, in-house and easy to oversee can help assuage a lot of these issues.

InfoWorld wrote that the safest way to ensure that corporate data is always properly protected is to anticipate that anything and everything will go wrong at some point. Eventually, your system will be attacked, a flood will knock out remote data centers and somebody is going to slip up while trying to sort through all that big data. By planning for these disasters, though, companies can easily mitigate the negative impacts of these crises and facilitate rapid responses.

Tracking the problem
Using backup tape management tools like B&L's Vertices, for instance, allows you to create scannable barcodes for all of your backup tape management inventory needs. This makes it easy to track tapes internally and ensure that all of them always make it back to the right rack for quick retrieval as the desire arises. The RFID module promotes proactive search functions that find whatever cartridge your IT personnel require, even helping employees traverse the most sprawling data centers by providing locational information.

Creating onsite backup tape management is a continuous process that requires attention to detail and availability of critical infrastructure. InformationWeek wrote that these assets are increasingly mingling with the cloud in hybrid environments, allowing companies to maintain oversight even in the most adverse conditions. Vertices supports similar options by offering a web-based management tool from any computer that can establish a connection. In this way, you can prepare your personnel to handle any kind of crisis, even if they have to access solutions from a distance.

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