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Considering asset management before acquiring backup tape solutions

by on July 26, 2013

Creating and maintaining backup solutions is an important aspect of all corporate operations. These abilities allow organizations to control and secure their resources, no matter where these assets reside or how much companies have to store. Fostering the most successful implementations means selecting software that offers the best features and adapts to how companies do business, features that not every backup tape management solution will offer. Seeking out tools like B&L's Vertices is the easiest way to get all of these enterprise-level functions and more.

The scope of the tape
As Data Center Knowledge stated, one of the biggest issues companies have to face when creating and maintaining extensive tape archives and backup resources is the cost. This problem has driven many organizations to the cloud, where firms have found that scaling and securing data facilities can be even more costly when migration and management processes are taken into account. Upgrading long-term archive storage and backup tape tools is therefore often the more desirable option for a number of reasons, including finance and governance.

The source wrote that coming up with advanced tape management solutions helps businesses decrease expenses and promote easier access to storage platforms. Latent information and long-term storage should be implemented using flexible tape tools that allow for easy retrieval, but also promote thorough, secure data resources for businesses to fall back on if necessary. This could include a disaster recovery scenario, an eDiscovery inquiry or a standard business intelligence and data analytics investigation.

Supporting more options
Another critical aspect of managing corporate data assets correctly is having the ability to control and monitor these resources whenever necessary. Often, circumstances keep personnel from getting to a business or accessing on-site servers. These elements could include natural disasters or localized states of emergency. In these instances, Data Center Knowledge stated that virtualization and remote access are key. Such capabilities allow organizations to always remain in contact with corporate information assets and control tape resources from a distance.

This makes B&L's Vertices the perfect solution for every backup tape management solution. The software provides firms with a centralized access point for all remote and in-house tape tools through an online portal. That means as long as an employee can get on the Internet, that individual has security-level access to all corporate tape assets. What's more, businesses can set what kind of clearance they want to give personnel, thereby allowing for heightened degrees of safety within the tape database, depending on who is looking for information and where they are accessing the Vertices portal from.

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