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Improving data center performance necessary for disaster preparedness

by on July 19, 2013

Many organizations may not be taking disaster recovery preparations seriously enough. Changes in the global environment have created a situation in which major storms are now a regular occurrence in many parts of the world, resulting in widespread damage to physical and data infrastructure. The rise of digital resources like virtualization and cloud computing have done a little to ease the strain of data-center hardening, but without proper backup tape management, organizations could face serious disaster recovery crises.

Dealing with danger
According to Computerworld, experts state that companies should be thinking about long-term vault and tape safety, rather than just how to protect these assets from threats on a monthly or yearly basis. Improving tape management resources and boosting offsite storage opportunities can help alleviate the stress of controlling and protecting resources in the event of a major flood, fire or storm, as the source pointed out.

It's essential that companies look at events like Hurricane Sandy and other super storms as opportunities to learn about the kinds of dangers modern data centers face. As the article in Computerworld stated, hurricane-hit companies like Internap in lower Manhattan have begun constructing  new data storage centers in locations far from their actual places of operation. This ensures that if a disaster strikes the company itself, its tapes will still be out of the line of danger. Businesses should prepare their infrastructure for these events as though they are regular occurrences, initiating remote resources that put hardware outside of harm's way.

Superior protection solution
Using B&L's Vertices is a great way to ensure that these remote facilities are managed properly, no matter how intense the storm gets. With a singular web-based access portal, Vertices allows organizations to review their tapes from afar, create in-depth storage catalogs and construct lists of needed tapes to expedite recovery.

Even if there is no crisis to respond to, Vertices is capable of handling regular tape management and auditing tasks. This versatile solution is perfect for firms that want to protect their assets and gain better compliance and continuity in all their operations. As corporations continue to grow, Vertices allows for flexible expansion and ongoing management, adapting to how each organization operates. With intuitive software from B&L, companies can accommodate their data needs and remain vigilant in case of disasters.

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