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Creating better backups helps with later review

by on June 14, 2013

As the era of backup tape management and eDiscovery comes head-to-head with cloud computing, businesses need to be careful not to get swept up in the newest trend. Maintaining control and command over corporate files needs to be the most important element when selecting the hardware and software that a business wants to employ, because these resources are responsible for helping firms keep continuity and compliance requirements at the forefront. When organizations lose sight of their files, trouble can occur.

Real meaningful use
In order to avoid these issues, working on data consolidation and better backup tape management should take center stage. As InformationWeek stated, it's one thing to move tapes from one facility to the next, but that doesn't essentially make these tools work better or provide better service to the personnel who need to use these resources. It also doesn't ensure enhanced security, so why bother doing it?

Some firms might think that data consolidation means packing more data into a smaller space, but that doesn't mean that files are any more usable or visible. True consolidation, like that offered by B&L's Archived Data Manager (ADM), makes data centers smaller while building more meaningful use for these files. Creating a unified data catalog helps businesses shrink their backup windows for these resources by up to 90 percent, resulting in significant cost and time savings. What's more, with an agent​-less presence in corporate operations, ADM solutions handle all the aggregation and cataloging of corporate information without secondary server tools to assist them. This makes it a much more affordable and manageable resource for companies of all kinds.

Improved management options
InformationWeek  noted that data consolidation and migration should help businesses gain better visibility of their corporate assets while shrinking data center size. This is accomplished by getting rid of outdated documents and programs, implementing superior software tools and utilizing more of the physical space these resources offer on their tapes. ADM lets companies enhance these consolidation and migration options through careful tracking and advanced management tools, letting IT professionals view the process through a singular control panel, even when documents come from different environments. Making the best use of resources that may be from various operating solutions and different time periods helps organizations increase governance and control while still fitting tapes into a more energy-efficient profile.

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