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Keep your operations safe and continuous with B&L

by on June 13, 2013

No matter where a company operates, there are always times of the year that produce the harshest kinds of weather. These elements could easily take operations offline for hours, days, even weeks and months at a time if a firm isn't prepared to meet the challenges of disaster recovery that these storms and landscapes can produce. Creating a safe, secure and continuous system of backup tape management and recovery helps organizations avoid the possibility of an outage. Here are some basic steps companies should be looking to take in order to promote better continuity and recovery.

Label your tapes
One of the biggest issues when it comes to going through tape lists and looking for the right devices for recovery is that tapes aren't labeled properly. Using B&L's BL/Label lets organizations create an easy-to-use resource for printing labels that can be read by multiple solutions on a single printer. Companies can specify the kind of formatting they want on all of these tags, creating a custom inventory and auditing methodology that makes it simple for an employee to recover the needed resources but can help deter outside entities from tracking down tapes or identifying what these devices contain.

Boost attribution protocols
When putting files to tape for storage reasons, companies have to be certain that all the pertinent and necessary documents are being correctly placed on the right device. Having a way of ensuring that critical data is going to the right location is much easier with B&L's BL/Pack, which assists with everything from making tape copies to reclaiming tape space to promote more library usage. This solution gives businesses greater control over how information is backed up and setting usability requirements.

Make resources more flexible
Having a backup tape management tool is ideal for protecting and recovery files when needed from secure tape resources. However, if these assets can only be accessed through a narrow range of technology or can't handle corporate files from specific kinds of hardware, businesses could be significantly limiting their ability to carry out continuity and disaster recovery plans. BBARS from B&L is the ideal solution for creating a fast and flexible backup option that supports file-based storage and is compatible with a range of tools. This ensures speedy, accurate recovery every time. Best of all, BBARS is an incredibly easy solution to use, so getting this option up and running before a disaster is a simple feat to accomplish.

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