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Why your corporate cloud needs more backup tape management

by on May 20, 2013

Businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve continuity, operations speeds and collaborative capabilities and cut costs. These desires conflict with one another in some ways – how can you work smarter and faster than you do right now but spend less doing it – but there are viable solutions for handling these demands. Many firms may think that a cloud-only approach is the obvious solution, but there are marked drawbacks to relying totally on digital deployments, namely latency and multi-tenancy.

The public problem
Using public cloud resources may reduce spending the way organizations want, but it also encourages a new level of data storage sharing that doesn't lend itself to businesses playing nice with one another. As more organizations make use of a public cloud space, the available resources of the vendor get stretched thinner and thinner, resulting in higher instances of file latency and mounting storage space crunches as larger companies take up all the assets a vendor provides. This can significantly hinder operations for firms of all sizes similarly trying to make use of these resources.

Backup tape management and hard disk drive resources are becoming increasingly relevant in cloud computing ventures in order to combat these issues, as Network Computing Online detailed. Providers are adding hard disk management tools and flash-based solid state drives to their cloud arrays in order to offer their customers better turnaround on their storage resources. These devices also allow for prioritization of high-use data and create a backup hard disk management system that's critical for continuity and disaster recovery.

Managing mixed models
Considering the value that public cloud vendors place on physical storage infrastructure, it would seem intuitive that private companies would look more closely at launching or maintaining their own similar resources. TechTarget wrote that these hybrid cloud solutions are becoming increasingly popular among professional users, allowing businesses to exert more control over their data infrastructures without spending as much on migration or management by adding digital cloud options.

Wayne Pauley of Enterprise Strategy told the source that companies are looking for resources that let them make more use of their file structures without significantly expanding data centers. With hybrid cloud solutions, using existing backup tape management and hard disk drive storage simply requires virtualized and cloud resources be stacked on top of them. Using public cloud options in this capacity is easy and much safer than simply pouring corporate operations entirely into the cloud.

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