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Backup management saves businesses money

by on April 29, 2013

Document volumes are going up every day, as are the number of threats that can cause backup systems to come under attack. When it comes to enacting thorough security against these dangers, it's essential that companies have the tools to catch them all. This is a task that's growing more complicated as more data types and different regions of information management become available to organizations, since the landscape of digital infrastructure is constantly getting new expansions. Cloud, social media and mobile resources may present a team of dangers to legacy solutions that every organization must be prepared to fight.

Computer Weekly reported that major data management firms are in the process of improving their backup and disaster recovery architecture to help avoid ghastly outage events. The Mill, an online video management resource for commercial properties like Coca-Cola and the BBC, added a significant boost to its NAS solutions in order to ensure that no disaster, be it natural or manmade, can upset its video archives or take them totally offline.

Wanting to be the very best
In order to pull off this feat, the firm established a working team of 300 dedicated backup, archive and disaster recovery personnel. It also adopted a new 100 TB Fiber Channel connection between its hard disk management solutions and its clients. This will facilitate greater block and file architecture, monitoring and governance. Such resources are ideal for businesses that must be able to recall large volumes of data at a time on a regular basis, be it in a crisis or just for regular review, as video files are often much larger than other kinds of media.

Enacting such thorough overhauls of data infrastructure is sometimes needed in order to help companies save money in the long run. A comprehensive disaster recovery solution like that run by The Mill can be expensive and time consuming to create, but the money and effort put in over the journey of its creation can help prevent losses in the future, elevating companies in posterity for reliability and attention to security. It also reduces the likelihood of a costly compliance error.

Such mistakes were felt in a significant way by businesses affected by major natural disasters over the last few years, ABC News reported. Firms that failed to enact thorough recovery solutions were knocked out by storms around the world, scenarios that could have been avoided with the right team of trained professionals and hardware backups.

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