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Celebrate World Backup Day by checking your storage

by on March 29, 2013

March 31st is World Backup Day. It's also Easter, but while big data and continuity risks may seem as proliferate as bunnies, they're far less adorable and require just as much cleaning up after. Celebrate both by checking the quality and compliance of backup and offsite tape solutions to ensure corporate resources are being adequately protected so as to avoid an unhappy April Fools Day.

According to a study by Onyx Group, an IT firm, about four out of five businesses have incomplete or faulty backup practices. Nearly 90 percent of respondents indicated that they had disaster recovery systems in place, but many of them rely on insufficient resources for restoring their operations. The survey found one-fourth of participants had been the victims of critical losses within the last couple of years, which may be linked to insufficient backup practices.

Fixing the holes
Virtual Strategy recommended that businesses invest in offsite disk storage solutions as a way of improving continuity practices. External options like these allow companies to select a section of infrastructure and dedicate an entire disk to the upkeep of that individual subject, a process that can be replicated with the remaining aspects of internal storage. Breaking up the backup procedure into steps like this will help promote more thorough regular updates and allow IT professionals to perform faster spot checks of individual backup resources. Putting these tools in this location will improve disaster planning, by protecting backup hardware from physical disasters that might impact the office.

Keeping careful watch of how backups are performing is just as crucial as having monitoring and tracking tools that allow IT professionals to maintain governance over the files contained therein. Backup Technology Online wrote that companies should be sure to provide portals to personnel that grant them access for diagnosing errors, manually updating individual files when needed and retrieving information for review or recovery purposes. Being able to continually monitor backup processes will prevent companies from relying on faulty or incomplete resources.

World Backup Day serves as a reminder to companies that they should be backing up their files every day, and the 31st of March is a great time to start. On the eve of the biggest trickster holiday of the year, taking steps to ensure the completeness and quality of corporate backup resources – as well as improving overall procedures surrounding the recovery process – can help corporations avoid unwanted surprises in the event of a disaster.

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