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Increased demand for eDiscovery tools from all sides

by on February 1, 2013

Companies want to have better continuity and thorough storage assets. Law firms want to be able to catch weaknesses in these solutions. Consumers want their personal data to be protected. All of these intentions are assisted by eDiscovery resources, which help businesses maintain their own internal solutions, while third parties use these same tools to ensure that they are carrying out operations in accordance with regional guidelines. The overall picture is one of coordinated cooperation in protecting data assets, but firms must be mindful that, if they become the weak link in this chain of privacy protection, though could be facing sharp fines and infrastructure degradation.

With that in mind, businesses are increasing their reliance on internal eDiscovery options, according to Business 2 Community. The source stated that companies are utilizing these resources for creating better data quality and governance, as well as making sure their systems are ready should they face an inquiry from an outside source. Just like with disaster recovery tools, preparing for these kinds of processing requests and system checks can help companies keep their files safe.

The best part, Business 2 Community wrote, is that companies can increase their analytics and intelligence standings by coordinating eDiscovery applications with internal operations. Apart from maintaining a composed outward face on operations, these solutions speed up continuity checks and can create a better level of transparency throughout the organization, since files can be reviewed more quickly to see who had altered what documents in which ways. This keeps systems running cleanly and employees honest, the source stated, making such tools popular among companies of all kinds.

Protecting from breaches and investigations
In response to internal analytics and security demands, companies should also be mindful that a lot of law firms are looking to keep them honest, and of course make a dollar in doing so. Audit and eDiscovery inquiries are increasingly profitable for these legal businesses, since corporations have been unprepared by and large for the transition to digital records solutions in the last decade. Now companies are coming to understand the importance of these resources, and in response, law groups are recruiting more technology-savvy personnel to lead their eDiscovery divisions.

According to a report from the Cowen Group, nearly three-fourths of legal businesses intend to hire more IT staff members for litigation support in the coming year.Â

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