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New generation of machines all about learning

by on January 26, 2013

There are so many different things that IT professionals need to know these days in order to remain competitive and keep their corporations ahead of the curve. Big data inundations are making for larger, faster hard disk management tools, while these in turn need to be outfitted to provide more accurate and thorough recovery solutions, since security and data protection continue to be leading concerns for personnel to handle.

That’s the most significant problem that businesses need to face down in 2013, though – the idea that every kind of issue is the biggest one ever, and that failing to handle it immediately will result in some sort of catastrophic corporate meltdown. Yes, big data is a problem and could overwhelm an unprepared system. Making meaningful use of big data analytics is also a concern, but figuring out where to start should be the primary issue, with all of these other matters as bullet points along the way, to be handled when the corporation comes to them. Timeliness should be a factor, but rushing into things without considering best practices could be a mistake.

Physician Business Technology commented that understanding existing systems is important, and this is true for both constructing data recovery systems and building infrastructure on the whole. Companies that have to backtrack now and review decades of documents will face the worst of it, but for once, small businesses have the advantage. They can carefully construct their facilities to reflect big data storage needs, modern malware protections and a slew of other critical information asset caveats that larger corporations will need to apply to petabytes of storage space.

Building for the future
The future of these deployments is a reality that IBM is already pioneering. As Fortune magazine and CNN reported, the Watson supercomputer is the product of all this finagling and forcing of files into specific structures, resulting in a best-use scenario that allows analytics to flow free. Paired with a learning computer device, Watson can help firms make more out of the information they already have, and experts are now trying to push that limit even further, teaching the machine to understand internet slang and common jargon. This could in turn make eDiscovery much easier in the future, as search terms won’t get jumbled with unimportant documents.

Understanding infrastructure and building better deployments can give corporations a better ability to use their assets and protect them at the same time.

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