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Hard disk drive management may get to up its game

by on January 1, 2013

The world of continuity management is not necessarily the most exciting realm, but there are plenty of companies looking to spice up the offerings available in this sector. Everyday maintenance can be a chore, as can ongoing security monitoring and regular backup procedures, but there are innovations rolling out all the time that could offer intriguing alternatives to existing solutions that could make the jobs of IT professionals much more interesting.

Some of these come in the way of sheer storage capacity. IBM has worked out a way of storing a huge cache of information on a single chip, which in turn can transfer up to one terabyte of data at a time. Some storage infrastructure can’t even hold as much information as the new nano-photonic cells can ship out, making it a whole new ballpark for hard disk storage solutions.

Keeping tabs on all this information is a new kind of single-key security protection, which PC Pro says allows for external and internal disks to be locked and encrypted with just a single-digit or lone-character entry. As the source wrote, though, shorter passwords aren’t necessarily the best solution, so while it may be exciting to access information with just a solitary keystroke, it may not be the best protection option.

The depths of disk
Hard disk drive management may soon be seeing new data storage limitations as well. PlastEMart reported that the University of Texas at Austin has come up with a way of bypassing the physical dot density restraints of these devices by isolating individual units and doubling previous capacity confines, meaning a new world of rapid-access data could be available in the near future.

Technology Review commented that some companies are also working on ways of creating better particle arrays in hard disk drives, meaning that these devices can arrange their information a manner more conducive to high-density storage needs.

With all of these exciting innovations just around the corner, companies should be on the lookout for the tools that best complement their current storage arrays. As big data and compliance guidelines continue to impact the way IT professionals do their jobs, these changes require businesses to maintain an evolutionary lifecycle in their hardware deployments.

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