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Managing data flow can be hard for small business

by on December 20, 2012

In the past, companies have been reckless with their backup tape management and other storage resources. Some may feel that is a harsh assessment of the situation, but considering the frequency of data loss, improper destruction, lack of compliance and malicious breaches in the last year alone, it seems that something untoward is happening between IT departments and the facilities they manage.

That said, there are also plenty of solutions designed specifically to solve these problems. Why aren’t companies using them? There could be any number of reasons.

We don’t need them
The idea that a company is impervious to a breach is outdated. Now that many organizations have at least part of their operations in the cloud, those that fail to keep up with that trend coudl run the risk of being left in the dust of their competition. For those that feel the cloud is too risky because of loss threats, consider that massive data thefts have been an ongoing issue since before the cloud was born, and it stands to reason that the problem isn’t the cloud, it’s the backup tape management and protection solutions companies are trying to use.

They’re expensive
This may be true, but so is data loss, and going out of business due to a continuity gap is even more detrimental. FierceCIO editor Paul Mah told organizations that they should consider the cost of buying encryption and management software versus contending with the price of a theft or breach and see which situation is more cost efficient. Businesses should remember that they need to include the financial repercussions of harming their clientele and damaging their integrity, as this will reduce the likelihood of future success and potentially cut revenue.

It’s too difficult
Bringing a system up to speed can take time and effort, but most things that are worth doing aren’t easy, so when it comes to backup tape management, the man hours spent will balance out with the security of a protected data solution. IT Director Online recommended once a system is fully operational, companies can cut down on their backup and archive deployment times by coming up with a regular maintenance schedule, preferably when server use is lowest, such as after regular business hours, so that they can have a consistently secure infrastructure. Failing to do so could be their one greatest regrets.

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