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Use of eDiscovery becoming more proliferate and menacing to entities

by on December 4, 2012

Companies of all kinds understand that maintaining federal, state and internal compliance can be difficult without the right resources, such as tape tracking software or tight security protocols that review credentials and keep track of individual users’ activities. The reason for following these guidelines isn’t just to keep up with public requirements, which help avoid costly fines and losses of reputation, but also to assure ongoing continuity and trust from clients. What’s more, it can be hard to operate a business where information is constantly being lost, either from deletion or poor usage rules.

Maintaining the system
Another tool leading to stricter regulations internally for file storage and maintenance is eDiscovery, a trend that is growing among legal entities as well as corporations themselves. If a business leader fears what an eDiscovery inquiry may uncover, it makes sense that he or se would run tests to ensure data quality and purity should such a request come to light. With regulations regarding storage varying by sector and increased security requirements being written into law all the time, companies must constantly be testing their tape tracking software and other file systems to ensure they’re still up to date.

Even with some companies developing refined eDiscovery software, there are no guarantees that a legal search will only turn up files that pertain to specific criteria. The San Francisco Chronicle wrote that Mindseye is working on building better tools in this vein, but even with adding scalability to request terms and faster processing of storage devices, there’s no guarantee that the procedure will be carried out flawlessly. For businesses dealing with backup tape management tools, making preemptive preparations for potential inquests can protect from the worst.

Preparing for audits
Forbes wrote that flexibility and governance in the digital age is making eDiscovery harder for those with cloud-only resources, but even those with a solid-state solution could struggle with compliance guidelines. Especially now that many industries like healthcare are being forced to adopt digitized records systems, the rigors of proper document storage will only continue to mount. In light of these issues, it makes sense for businesses to specifically prepare against eDiscovery and other audits, since these trends show no sign of going away, either.

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