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To storage infinity and beyond

by on August 30, 2012

Reliable backup systems are already a reality, but whenever there’s a chance to find out if Tron actually exists, geeks and scientists will try and push that limit. Some of the newest innovations in the backup tape world incorporate these stalwart solutions while others shoot for the sci-fi skyline to see what could possibly be the next breakthrough. While these companies are busy tinkering, it’s important to remember that certain tape tracking and management programs have been around for more than 50 years for a very simple reason – they work.

Genetic memory

Rather than storing terabytes of information on backup tape or in the cloud, some people want to be able to take data with them everywhere by putting it on their persons. To that end, a group of scientists has found a way to write digital storage to DNA using the natural replication process inherent to the creation of new cells, Computerworld reported. The Huffington Post wrote that this process doesn’t actually involve any biologic cells, but rather prints pages of genetic memory from an inkjet printer.

At present, it seems this system would require a huge amount of open shelf solution maintenance, making it another Star Trek pipe dream, but still a sign that solid-state storage is staying as popular as ever, no matter where it winds up stored.

Working in all directions

Other forms of storage seem to take the cloud and build things on top of, around and beneath it. Holographic data solutions give people the ability to increase the amount of physical storage space a single disk or tape could master, but the technology is still barely beyond the theory stage thanks to an inability to properly execute it.

Building on backup tape solutions, this would allow for viewing of data in a whole new way but would require businesses to have redundant systems in place.  Extreme Tech wrote that this information storage is executed in an almost super-villain setting, with multiple lasers executing the initial writing process that will allow endless perfect playback. This sort of integrity and system redundancy are superb ideas anyway for business continuity, but not everyone will want to invest in these kinds of tools just to be able to make little bits of information dance around like Princess Leia in The Empire Strikes Back. Besides, that recording was pretty glitchy, anyway.

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