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Information structures help diverse clientele

by on August 24, 2012

Big Data is a problem for businesses of all kinds, not just retail and finance companies. As the modern world becomes increasingly technology-based, more entities will have to deal with interactions online, meaning measuring metrics and monitoring security for every interface. In order to house these massive loads of information, coming up with a data structure that can control and break down data is essential to investigate backup tape and similar storage structures.

Moving to solid states

There’s a lot of emphasis on cloud computing for rapid response and ease of access, but these solutions typically aren’t enterprise-ready. Consumers are comfortable using an online service like DropBox or Google Drive, but these tools don’t lend themselves to the level of security most organizations need for corporate data.

In order to better handle the needs of these entities, companies turn to off-line and solid state storage that’s less likely to suffer attacks, as well as capable of scaling up to larger amounts of storage. The New York Times wrote that Big Data is associated with a new mass scale of data, as petabytes become the storage norm for enterprises and gigabytes are failing even some consumer needs.

Diversification of users

Some of the organizations benefiting from this shift in solid state Big Data computing are those that must interact with computers regularly but aren’t necessarily associated with traditional technology users. Police departments house huge volumes of information and have notoriously used paper resources to track and store evidence. InformationWeek wrote that these entities are seeing the benefit of backup tape solutions to house all of this information in archives and other utilities to increase security and accessibility.

The source pointed out that the emergency phone calls for one Texas city alone comprised more than 1 million records. Storing all this information is a challenge best put to tape tracking, especially when organizations need to come up with measurable metrics for further review. Police organizations are able to discern common trends in emergency calls, such as time of day or location, helping them change patrol and response patterns.

Helping a variety of industries benefit from Big Data is one of the best options for backup tape tracking and other similar data housing methods.

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