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Backup storage suppliers getting into the bath salts

by on July 13, 2012

The backup storage market is a very competitive one, even though some think the 60-year-old technology is getting antiquated. That said, there shouldn’t be any reason in any industry for businesses to copy one another, either in product design or marketing strategy.

Overland Storage recently claimed that several of its competitors had done just that, though, using backup storage tape design that the company had patented years ago as part of new hardware releases. Not only is Overland taking on some of the big guns like Spectra Logic, Qualstar and Venture Corp, it’s also strategically targeting the businesses that make up the leading 40 percent of the industry, according to SEO Law Firm. On the bright side, it means businesses can expect a lot more variety in tape storage solutions from here on out.

Resorting to cannibalism

There doesn’t appear to be any salt-sniffing behind Overland’s claim, and while intellectual property lawsuits can get dicey, the ramifications for those on the receiving end of the blow could be substantial.

Similar to the ongoing bloodbath between Will Loomis of Loomis & the Lust against Jessie J over her auto-tuned-to-death “Domino,” the entire thing started over the debate about how similar was too similar. The music industry, JD Supra reported, is very prone to imitation because, let’s face it, there’s just not a lot you can do with the entire range of diatonic chords and a world of musical genre options.

In this case, though, Overland’s suit refers to patented backup tape management systems that it says were duplicated in its competitors. The software in question deals with partitioning and library storage techniques that the International Trade Commission says are legitimately patented by Overland.

Data backlash

Considering that these methods of storage are currently being practiced by so many tape vendors, it’s hard to imagine what could come next for those currently being sued. The answer is simply that Big Tape will probably keep marching along as companies like Overland focus more on trying to cannibalize the market than improve it. For competitors, though, this presents a unique challenge to out-think previous standards and improve on the technology, a sure boon for businesses looking to invest in backup storage solutions.

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