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Unprecedented data loss can be haunting for enterprise

by on June 28, 2012

Businesses like fast, convenient solutions, but so do hackers. Putting every scrap of data into a virtual infrastructure can be risky, but even when it comes to eVault protection, it’s important to remember basic security practices.

Political rule

It’s sort of like using the same easy-to-guess password on all your secure accounts is inviting an attack. Apparently Mitt Romney is getting his political coaching from President Skroob in terms of password security, putting the same code on all of his online email and storage tools the same way somebody might put a simple sequential security key on a planetary airlock and a set of luggage. According to Computerworld, his files are all compromised at this point thanks to a lack of personal security.

If this incident feels like a rerun, it’s because the same exact thing happened to Sarah Palin during the last election. Apparently the lesson didn’t sink in the first time around.

SMBs feel the GOP issue

This is an issue faced by businesses as well, however. Not only is lack of backup tape management plaguing companies that feel the cloud is secure on its own, they’re failing to properly encrypt or make additional copies of information. Some of this data may have been virtualized, but only under the false security blanket that as long as it’s online it’s safe.

Where they got that idea is still unclear, especially in light of critical attacks within the last few months. In South Carolina and Georgia, healthcare professionals learned the hard way that online data can lead to both external hacks and malicious internal theft, resulting in thousands of critical data injuries to patients. Utah got painfully re-acquainted with the Iron Curtain after unauthorized Eastern European users took more than three-quarters of a million state citizens’ records. Kansas had a couple of incidents that proved deadly to elderly patients’ information as well.

Users just aren’t getting the message when it comes to backup tape for online files. If there is no secondary source of information, a company can’t recoup lost information at all in some cases, and critical data can quickly be lost to online threats. Diversifying a data portfolio is one thing, but backing it up with sound security measures should go hand-in-hand. If recent events prove nothing else, it’s that you can never be too careful with your information.

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