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Canadians, Americans seeing ominous clouds

by on May 22, 2012

Apparently cloud aversion is a global issue. Pouring buckets of data into the inter-web-o-sphere just doesn’t appeal to American IT professionals, and Canadian users seem to be full of trepidation as to whether ‘cloud computing’ means sharing data within a virtual network or if they should be scanning the sky for USB ports.

Only in America?

Cisco Global recently discovered that the majority of IT managers would rather get a root canal or dig a ditch than work on moving data backups from tape to cloud storage. There’s no word as to whether that procedure would be performed without lidocaine or if the hole would need to be dug by hand, but the general idea is that those in the know with technology just aren’t excited about cloud migration. To a certain extent the idea here is “it isn’t broken don’t fix it;” current media management solutions are sufficient for business needs and more than a third of IT personnel surveyed said their companies hadn’t even acquired a provider or begun network migration preparation, signalling that they aren’t interested in it right now.

Apparently also Canada

In Canada, a third of companies aren’t even sure what the cloud is, let alone how or why they should use it. The majority of nay-sayers here aren’t on an IT island; end users are not excited about the prospect of their data floating around in a nebulous digital cloud. According to Lise Dellazizzo, vice president of Pollara (the company responsible for the survey), most users are happy with their current work experience and are resistant to change.

“They are far more concerned about ease of use, simplicity, speed, fluidity and relevant functionality,” Dellazizzo said of Canadian users in an interview with IT World Canada. “What it comes down to first and foremost is knowing what your user pain points [to] and what they want.”

This is North America

For once it seems Canada and the U.S. are united in their distaste of cloud migration. Whether stable backup tape management or the cumbersome task of moving data unnecessarily to cloud is more to blame isn’t clear, but neither is whether those American IT workers will be getting trowels or novocaine. What is clear is that diversified data solutions are beneficial to business and more of them just aren’t seeing the cloud as a fit.

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