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Top 5 Data Center Videos Worth Watching

by on July 26, 2011

For the visual learners out there, I’ve put together a list of the top five data center videos currently on YouTube. Check these out and feel free to add to this list by posting links in the comments section. Oh, and while you’re catching up on your data center videos, be sure to check out this new one from yours truly, B&L Associates.

1. Active Archive Alliance and Technology Overview

Active archiving is a topic I’ve discussed here in great detail, and will continue to cover as the concept of giving users direct, online access to archived data stored cost-effectively on tape continues to take off. This video does a great job of illustrating what active archiving is all about and how it works.


2. Facebook’s New Energy Efficient Data Center

As more and more data and applications move to the cloud, businesses are recognizing the need to make cloud storage as energy efficient as possible. This video gives you an inside look at Facebook’s truly state-of-the-art facility and how the site is working to become greener.

3. Google Data Center Efficiency Best Practices

Google’s data center experts share five best practices for improving efficiency, from measuring power usage effectiveness every second if possible to adjusting the thermostat.

4. Find the Best-Fit Backup Architecture Strategy

This clip reviews how tape, disk and cloud can coexist and complement each other as part of a backup strategy that is tailored to meet an organization’s specific business needs. 

5. Life in the Data Center

Just for laughs, episode 1 and episode 2 are goofy spoofs on life in the data center before the advent of green data centers.

Seen any data center videos worth watching lately? Let us know by posting a comment.

  1. I’m actually searching for resources and information about data centers. These videos are the exact things I need right now. Thank you! =)

  2. I find the third video the most interactive and friendly among all. Infographics has a way of simplifying concepts like these without sacrificing content or knowledge. Although data centers can get very complex as info increases, organization is manageable so long as you have the right tools for it.

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