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The Top 5 Blog Posts from June

by on July 5, 2011

Summer seems to have come out of nowhere this year. I thought it might be nice to look back at June and share with you our five most popular blog posts, just in case you missed them.

Tape-Summit-2011 With Tape, Think Resurgence, Not Requiem
The discussion is no longer about disk versus tape but about the significant role that tape plays in today’s data center, and how ongoing innovation will secure its role in the data center of the future. And that’s why with tape you should be thinking resurgence, not requiem.


4 Irrefutable Facts that Prove Tape Is More Reliable Than Disk
Tape’s reliability as a long-term storage medium already has plenty of proof to back it up. Now, we can add to that growing body of evidence some scientific facts.

IStock_000002641638XSmall The Business Case for Active Archiving on Tape
The numbers speak volumes on this one. And if you’re trying to start a conversation about active archiving in your organization, simply quantifying what you’re spending to manage inactive data in production is a surefire way to get some attention on the topic.

Future-of-LTO LTO-6: The Next Generation of Tape
LTO-6 is coming, proving again that the tape storage industry is not just surviving but flourishing with new technology and new products.

Big_data How to Solve the Big Challenge of Big Data: Part 1
Big Data is an intimidating prospect for any self-respecting backup application. Nevertheless, CIOs are embracing these mountains of large, complex and dynamic data sets because they contain a treasure trove of valuable business insights and information.

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