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Experts Predict a Tape Renaissance

by on May 26, 2011

At the first annual Tape Summit, vendors and analysts gathered recently to share perspectives on the current and future state of the tape market. Reports are that one word dominated the theme of the conversation at this inaugural event: renaissance. According to experts at the summit, tape is poised for a renaissance as part of the solution to getting our collective arms around the data explosion.

Now, as a provider of tape management solutions, we’re always happy to hear a prediction of growth in the tape market, but we were curious as to what was driving this most recent one. Network Computing’s Dave Hill offered a great summary of the renaissance prediction made at Tape Summit in his recent blog post, “Tape Summit Predicts Tape Renaissance.” Where the greatest opportunity lies for tape, according to Dave’s post, is in active archiving.

Using tape for deep archiving (long-term storage in which files must be accessed by a network administrator) is pretty widely viewed as a no-brainer. But active archives (data that’s not active production data but still directly accessible to users) typically are stored on disk. The argument made at Tape Summit, however, was that active archive, which accounts for the majority of data in the data center, could reside more economically on tape.

Dave’s post goes on to explore whether tape has the cost-effectiveness, reliability, longevity, compliance, security and usability to fulfill this role of supporting a growing active archive. And the answer seems to be yes on all counts.

We at B&L already have seen this strategy in action, with clients who benefit from using tape not only for deep archiving, but also as a cost-effective solution for active archiving. And of course, to help manage backup tapes, B&L offer Vertices & VaultLedger. So, we’ll be watching closely to see how this prediction plays out in the market as a whole.

Have you explored how your organization might benefit from the “tape renaissance?”

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