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Why B&L Is Looking Forward to Symantec Vision 2011

by on April 28, 2011

How’s this for a scary statistic: No less an authority than former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, says that every two days we are generating as much information as we did during the period from the beginning of civilization until 2003. This comes as no surprise to the individual who wrestles with an avalanche of e-mail, texts and tweets—or to the company that struggles to manage mounting volumes of data, including high percentages of inactive data, that choke IT systems.

Archiving is part of the solution for alleviating the challenges and costs of managing production catalogs bloated with inactive data—a subject I discussed here recently. But just because we know archiving has to be part of the solution, that doesn’t make it a no-brainer. Organizations need to understand what data to retain and for how long and to make the right choice from among a whole host of archival tools, solutions and providers.


That’s why I’m looking forward to discussing this issue in more detail at the upcoming Symantec Vision 2011 conference in Las Vegas from May 2-5. In a breakout session called “Archival Data Management: Strategies & Solutions” (SSB04), I’ll be sharing practical strategies to help your company manage archived data, including:

  1. Understanding how inactive data strains your business operations
    From bloating catalogs to making disaster recovery more arduous to increasing your dependency upon your backup vendor, inactive data is a drag on efficiency and the bottom line. We’ll discuss the business case for archiving inactive data.
  2. Determining what constitutes archival data in your organization
    Archival data means different things to different organizations. And companies have a range of reasons for retaining archived data, whether it’s Sarbanes-Oxley or HIPAA compliance, legal requirements or “just in case.” The key is to clearly define and build your archival strategy around the right definition for your organization.
  3. Selecting the best and most cost-effective archival data management tools and solutions for your organization
    We’ll discuss tools for managing, accessing and restoring archived, inactive data and factors to consider in your decision process.

B&L is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of Symantec Vision 2011. In addition to our breakout session, we’ll be at Booth 312 talking about why tape doesn’t suck and handing out some bumper stickers we created to get our point across 🙂


By the way, if you are not going but would still like a bumper sticker, just email me here and we’ll send you one.

So if you’re in town, I hope you’ll attend the breakout session and stop by our booth (312) to hear more. Aside from our activities, the conference will offer many other specialized knowledge tracks, technical sessions, hands-on labs, and one-on-one opportunities, as well as expanded training and certification exams. It’s an outstanding opportunity to gain exposure to technical experts and useful information from Symantec, one of our Alliance Partners.

Are you going? Let us know in our comments section.

Hope to see you there!

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