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Moving Apps to the Cloud as Easy as Point & Click

by on December 21, 2010

Most discussions about applications in the cloud focus on programs written from scratch to run in the nimbus. However, many companies, have apps running locally that they’re reluctant to desert for whatever’s offered in the ether. In the past, clinging to local apps has been a major obstacle to moving to the cloud. Re-engineering local programs to operate on the Net, it was thought by many organizations, was more work than it was worth. A company in Burlington, MA, though, may change the prevalent thinking on the subject.

Cloud_computing-2 CloudSwitch has developed middleware that runs at the data center level that makes running local apps in the cloud as easy as pointing and clicking. Essentially, it bridges the gap between the enterprise data center and the cloud. The one catch I can see is that I believe organizations running CloudSwitch Enterprise must be using virtualization in their data center. In addition, part of the system requirements include active Amazon EC2 and Terremark accounts.

CloudSwitch Enterprise works by snatching information about the virtual machine running a program and analyzing it to see how it would run on a cloud provider’s system. After completing that analysis, the middleware will translate commands between the systems in a way that’s seamless to the local users. As Bruce Hoard ststed in his blog post: “Its beauty is in its ability to securely simulate data center environments—including management solutions—in the cloud, making interaction transparent to users and developers.”

CloudSwitch may find a nice niche for itself with its software. Demand for this type of product has been building for some time and most cloud providers who, for large measure, have been focusing on their hardware and infrastructure resources, don’t have the software savvy to address the situation.

Moreover, a product like CloudSwitch Enterprise makes moving from provider to provider easier. Although one of the selling points of the cloud is that an organization can walk away from a provider more easily than it could walk away from a software license, the prospect of easy roaming among providers isn’t something the cloud angels relish.

The upgraded CloudSwitch Enterprise 2.0 was just released to provide customers even greater flexibility for provisioning and overall control in the cloud.  CloudSwitch is offer a free 15-day trial as well.

CloudSwitch seems like a nice solution for some companies. But what do you think? Do you see any downfalls or concerns with this product?

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