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Top B&L Blog Posts for October

by on November 2, 2010

Well, October has come and gone. We had some nice traffic on many of our blog posts last month, and I thought it would be nice to hightlight the top five posts (according to traffic), just in case you missed them.

Dedupe Catching on Slowly.
Although depulication could be the miracle pill for some organizations to curb runaway data growth, adoption is catching on slowly.

IT Pros Embrace the Cloud, But Security Is Still an Issue
There may be concern over cloud security, but once adopted, IT professionals seem to have a different picutre of the cloud.

5 Questions to Ask Before Migrating Your Data.
Before you move to a new backup system, here are five crucial things you need to know to ensure the porcess goes smoothly.

How to Expand Your Backup Windows with WAN Optimization
Backup windows are expanding as the amount of data in organizations swells to unprecendented proportions. Many organizations think adding bandwidth will solve the problem, but it may be far cheaper and more effective to focus on shrinking what’s traveling through the pipes.

How the Cloud Is Spurring Reform of Federal Law
The cloud is bringing endless efficiencies to business and consumers, however it also brings up challenging privacy and law enforcement issues that need to be addressed.

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