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IT Pros Embrace the Cloud, But Security Is Still an Issue

by on October 18, 2010

While perceptions about security and integration continue to arise in big picture discussions about cloud computing, a survey of IT pros paints a different picture about the nimbus once an organization commits to the technology.

Reach_cloud The findings from the online survey conducted by Mimecast, an email management company located in London, showed that 70 percent of those polled for the project who had cloud deployments were so satisfied with them that they intended to move more applications to there, a majority of them within the next 12 months. Those numbers were higher for industries such as law (81 percent), retail (77 percent) and government (74 percent).

“This shows that respondents that have used cloud-based solutions have seen their business and operational value and want to expand that success to other application areas,” the surveyors asserted.

Of the entire research sample of 565 respondents responsible for managing IT operations and budgets in organizations located in the United States and Canada, 62 percent acknowledged that they have or are considering cloud solutions.

Nevertheless, cumulus computing remains plagued by info warriors’ skepticism about its security. The survey found that 46 percent of its respondents refused to embrace the cloud due to security reasons. Resistance was even higher than that in industries such as financial services (76 percent), energy (75 percent), government (67 percent) and retail (61 percent).

Another roadblock to cloud implementation discovered by the pollsters was fretting over integration with existing infrastructure. Some 32 percent of the IT pros surveyed cited existing infrastructure investments as a barrier to cloud deployment; another 26 percent mentioned integration with legacy systems as an obstacle.

Among the reasons for moving to the cloud, the surveyors found cost savings (54 percent) topping the list, followed by agility and scalability (49 percent), efficiency (39 percent) and streamlined administration (36 percent).

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  1. i have been through this and its very informative thanks

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