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Storage Pros Worried by Resource Shortfalls

by on February 26, 2010

Budget_tightenAn increasing number of business technology professionals are saying they’re worried about meeting the storage demands of critical applications in their organizations, according to recently released findings by InformationWeek Analytics.

In its annual 2010 State of Enterprise Storage Survey, the top concern among half the more than 300 participants in the poll was insufficient resources for critical applications. That compares to last year’s leading worry–data loss–cited by just 30 percent of the respondents.

Overall, the report noted, researchers found an increase in the number of IT pros griping about budget constraints hamstringing their ability to meet business demands, obtain tools for storage management and provide storage resources for departmental and individual use.

These storage insufficiencies are occurring at the same time as a rapid growth in storage demand. Last year, the pollsters point out, 75 percent of respondents reported administering more than 1TB of data. This year, that has increased to 87 percent. What’s more, 29 percent of the IT pros say they’re administering more than 100TB of information.

In addition, while 21 percent of the respondents in last year’s survey pegged the growth rate of their data at 10 percent, this year only 15 percent acknowledged growth rates at that level.

While 2009 was a year most IT jocks would like to forget, one positive note cited by the surveyors was the letup in compliance activity compared to prior years. That allowed IT departments to catch up on their retention policies. For example, 87 percent of respondents said they had defined email retention policies. Of those with retention policies, some 25 percent retain email for two years; another 46 percent for less than five years.

Concerns over technology costs appear to be causing IT pros to rethink their attitudes toward the public cloud as a storage solution, the report said. This year, 34 percent of respondents said they’re considering the cloud compared to only 19 percent last year. Nevertheless, more than half of the biz techs polled gave a resounding thumbs down to cloud storage.

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