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Data Archiving Tools: What Works for You?

by on October 22, 2009

Every day I open my inbox to see news feeds of the latest applications and data archiving tools.


I recently read about Sonasofts’s SonaSafe for Email Archiving, Red Condor’s Red Condor Archive for message (email) archiving, Nayatek’s Datosphere for content archiving, Sherpa Software’s Discovery Attender, and Iron Mountain’s recent offer of Mimecast-based Total Email Management.

While I haven’t seen demos of all these tools yet, they look promising as different ways to manage the avalanche of data created daily by all of us. (And it seems most would work hand-in-hand with our data center automation products).

But, I’m more interested in hearing your thoughts on these data archiving solutions. What do you use and how is it working for you?

Each of these tools also seems to fit a slightly different niche.  What pain points do you feel are unique to your industry or particular business?  Do the available archiving tools address those points?

And most importantly, what else would you like to see to help you manage your datacenter?

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