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Is Your Data eDiscovery-Safe?

by on October 14, 2009

I think about eDiscovery data issues on a daily basis and have begun to wonder: Is it just me? Because we are immersed in data storage issues, I forget that perhaps not everyone knows the risks involved with a potential lawsuit. Last week I read an article by Greg Lawn in ComputerWorld titled “How to Avoid an eDiscovery Disaster.”  I thought it was a great piece of writing that outlines some very basic best practices for avoiding legal trouble with data retention.


My question is this: do companies feel they are fully prepared to produce all relevant documents should litigation occur? Are you confident that you could find that crucial needle-in-the-haystack memo if and when you needed to?  Perhaps, here at B&L, we should be doing more to educate our customers and potential customers to the risks of improper data retention, as well as the potential cost of data recovery if not properly catalogued. 


We created Archived Data Manager (ADM) for the very purpose of saving companies time, money, and effort in finding and managing their archived data.  We don’t want our customers to face fines for an inability to produce relevant documents, nor do we want them indebted to data retrieval companies when finding the information you need is just a click away with ADM. 


I am interested to hear what you think – is there enough information out there for companies to make informed decisions on storage and retrieval of archived data? Do you feel confident you can face an eDiscovery challenge should one arise?

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