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The Problem with Tape and eDiscovery

by on June 3, 2009

I just finished reading Christine Taylor’s blog entry “The Question of Tape” on her Byte and Switch blog. She raises a lot of great points, but my favorite part of the article was at the end when she said:

“So without some provision for automating direct tape searches, IT must mount tape and restore the data using its original backup program (which IT hopes it still has). Only then is the content searchable by manual or software means. Given this set of challenges, being able to classify and extract relevant data without first having to restore it represents a significant benefit to companies facing e-discovery demands for backup and archival tape. This approach also represents a significant savings in terms of time and storage capacity, as potentially thousands of tapes need not be restored before executing e-discovery on them. When searching for e-discovery collection software, be certain to ask how it handles tapes. The better able it is to search without previous restoration, the better choice it is.”

What a perfect segue for Archived Data Manager. Archived Data Manager solves all of these problems and helps reduce your carbon footprint because you can decommission outdated servers and still stay compliant with eDiscovery regulations.

What do you think of ADM?

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