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The Importance of OS Neutrality in eDisovery

by on November 14, 2008

We’ve been talking about finding solutions that help companies with the growing concern over eDiscvoery. By tracking not only what data went on what tape, but also the precise location of each tape at any point in time, solutions like ADM grant a company access to the vast maze of its own stored data.

For example, once content for litigation is identified, even a “small” case can involve sifting through upwards of a million documents. An automated system that can identify and locate the relevant documents will substantially cut back on the time spent assessing which of those one million documents pertain to a case. No longer will outsourcing be a necessary and expensive evil to comply with an eDiscovery request.


Organizations need to be concerned not only with the vast amount of servers that contain data, but also with the operating systems that those servers are running. With changes in technology as well as incorporating servers from a merged company, organization are often faced with hundred of servers running outdated or disparate operating systems.

Organizations need to look into eDiscovery solutions that are operating system agnostic. Systems, like ADM, use web browsers and industry standard technologies to transport archived catalog information into their systems. These systems are also agentless and require no additional software to be installed on the server for proper execution.

Essentially, this means that if the operating system can support a web browser, the data can be extracted. By lowering the extracting standards to a least common denominator like web browser compatibility, operating systems become a moot point in the process.


We are only on the cusp of ESI concerns.  As technology inevitably grows, so too will data storage and data retrieval needs. It is with an eye to future savings (time, money), not to mention avoiding potential federal and legal sanctions due to non-compliance, that companies need to investigate solutions like ADM to satisfy their eDiscovery.

Let me know the challenges your company if facing concerning eDiscovery. I’m curious to see how others are tackling these issues.

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