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How Can You Solve Your eDiscovery Challenge?

by on November 10, 2008

Forward thinking companies are choosing to employ proactive approaches to management of ESI, and it is time for others to follow suit.  As stated in an article from

“An automated, proactive e-discovery solution is critical for early case assessment — to find a “smoking gun” or to determine if there is enough evidence to make a case.

Furthermore, a proactive approach can go a long way in helping to protect a company’s brand, such as in the case with publicized investigations or scandals. Having the technology in place to quickly provide authorities with necessary information can at a minimum put the company in a cooperative light…”

Solutions are coming on to the market; those that can identify and track a company’s ESI such that the process of sifting through material, whether it be for a “smoking gun” or just relevant documents, is reduced by time, cost, and effort.

One such solution is B&L Associates’ Archived Data Manager™ system (ADM™). ADM is part of a new generation of products that are designed to manage the staggering volume of offline electronic data stored by companies, organize said data, and provide accountability for where documents are at any given moment.


Solutions like ADM allow companies to reduce risk, reduce cost, reduce time spent on retrieval and, overall, to employ more efficient business practices pursuant to ESI. ADM, for example, extracts and consolidates all the backup catalogs from disparate servers into one central, Web-based database. This presents several advantages to an organization.

When the data is centralized, retrieval is much quicker and cost efficient. In addition, the process of expiring data also becomes much less time consuming. Moreover, once the data is centralized, organizations can decommission those older servers (which also contribute to reducing your carbon footprint) and reclaim (or eliminate) the storage space required.

And with a web-based system, like ADM, only one instance of the application needs to be installed for the entire organization to access it.

But, as I will talk about in my next isntallment, it is also very important that you choose an impartial observer like B&L Associates when it comes to eDicovery.

What kinds of efforts have you made in trying to comply with eDiscovery requirements? What kind of challenges have you met?

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