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eDiscovery Still a Big Concern for Companies

by on September 29, 2008

I was reading an article today in that took me somewhat by surprise. I say somewhat because I know that many companies still have not formulated an eDiscovery strategy yet. But the numbers quoted in the article are truly astounding. According to the article:

“Fifty-seven percent of law firms surveyed say their clients aren’t ready to find and produce information relevant to litigation … As for in-house counsel, only 39% say their companies aren’t prepared for e-discovery.”

That number is much larger than I expected. And as I’ve talked about before(and it’s reinforced in the IW article), the fines for non-compliance can be crippling.  As the article states, this January Qualcomm got hit with an 8.5 million penaltyfor eDiscovery non-compliance. Last week, MacAfee got caught in an eDiscovery mess surrounding a stock-options case with the judge ominously pronouncing that “heads would roll” because of their lack of compliance.

In the next few days B&L will be coming out with a eDiscovery whitepaper– a primer, really, with solutions to help every business tackle this enormous challenge.

I’d be interested to hear about how organizations are handling their eDiscovery challenges.

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