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My Thoughts on Symantec Vision 2008

by on June 18, 2008

Back to work after attending the Symantec Vision 2008 show last week. Here are my thoughts on the show.

First, Symantec Vision always does a nice job at their shows.  At most shows, the exhibitor is left to fend for themselves.  We are usually left off of the lunch schedule, and we aren’t invited to the ‘appreciation’ parties.  Vision always includes us, and it’s nice to be viewed as part of the show.  After all, a good chunk of revenue is coming from the exhibitors.  Why shouldn’t we be treated as an integral component?  Hats off to Vision for taking us into consideration.

The show itself was OK, not great, but OK.  I felt the attendance was a bit light this year in comparison to years past.  There weren’t a lot of attendees on the show floor looking for solutions.  Of course, this might have to do with Vision holding learning sessions when the show floor was open.  As an exhibitor, this is a no-no.  (Vision, you should know this!) However, I did see a lot of our larger clients who attend this show. I also got in touch with some partners I was looking to connect with.  So in these areas, the show was successful. I would have liked more opportunities, but due to the connection with existing clients and my partners, I think B&L will be back next year.

If anyone else attended the show, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

The show was also our launch of Archived Data Manager (ADM).  The product got a lot of attention from the attendees. It seems backup catalog consolidation is a big concern of many companies.  We’ll be looking to continue this momentum. So check back with us for more great information. Either way, Las Vegas is always a great time.  I’d love to tell you about it, but what happens in Vegas…

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